Oct 27, 2010

Sandra Dewi Biography

    Monica Nichole Sandra Dewi Gunawan
Date of birth
    August 8, 1983
Birth place
    Pangkal Pinang, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung,Indonesia  
    Andreas Gunawan Basri and Catharina Erliani,Parents
    Kartika Dewi, Raymond Gunawan,Sister and Brother.

  • Elementary School in St. Theresia I
  • Middle School in St. Theresia I
  • Senior High School Catholic in St. Yosef
  • University on London School Of Public Relations


    * Miss Enchanteur 2002
    * Ambassador of Tourism in West Jakarta
    * Fun Fearless Female of 2006, Runner-up
    * New Arrivals Favorite Actress IMA 2008
    * Pandawi five versions intainment birthday celebrity cases
    * Fairy version birthday 'Silet'
    * Artist to share and the highest rating in history infotainment 'Hotshot'
    * No. 1 artist most sought-after in yahoo Indonesia
    * Shiny artist who still will shine in 2009 by magazine 'Wanita Indonesia'
    * 2008 magazines beautiful artists 'XO'

        * Artist will still be shiny shiny infotaiment 2009 version 'Cek n Ricek'

    Modelling/Photo Session :
    Magazine (Cover Model)
        * FHM Indonesia
    * Magazines 'Nova'
    * Magazines 'Bintang'
    * Magazine 'Nyata'
    * Magazines 'Selular'
    * Magazines 'Cita Cinta'
    * Magazine 'Hai'
    * Magazines' Kartini''
    * Magazine Kartika '
    * Magazine 'Femina'
    * Magazines 'Female'
    * Magazines 'Urban Style'
    * Magazines 'Fit'
    * Magazines 'Dewi'
    * Magazines 'Oops'
    * Magazines 'Clara'
    * Magazines 'Eve'
    * Magazines 'Spice'
    * Magazines 'Herworld'
    * Magazines 'Sarinah'

    Fun Facts about Sandra Dewi:

        * Every morning, Sandra always hostage her mother to do not to   do any
           activity until he went shooting
        * Hates cats, because he thinks that creepy cat eyes
        * Do not like night life
        * Like a breakfast of chocolate and strawberry milk
        * Is very love  with 'Sanders'

      Sandra dewi world debut in films in movie Quickie Express that as Lila, here,
      he also played with the Tora Sudiro, Lukman Sardi and Aming. She also
      played in the soap opera 'Cinta Indah'.

      in 2008, Sandra played in the film 'Tarzan Kota', plays as 'Ratna binti Subarkah'. then she played in the soap opera 'Jameelah', soap opera 'Elang', in this year, Sandra Dewi also become ambassadors for the Anti-Drugs,
    Sandra is also become the Icons of 'National Film' from magazine poll of 'Hai', managed to become 'Indonesian Sweetheart' from the magazine 'Bintang', then win the award as 'The Most Marketable Artists' from magazine 'Bintang', became to 'Favorite Artist' in Birthdays year event 'Insert', she also managed to get 'The Most Friendly Celebrity' from the magazine 'Oops' and to 'Starred Top Artists' Magazine's 'Bintang'.


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